I must say...

The fangirl in me just completely died an utterly ecstatic, blissfully (enter inside joke:) beautiful and exultant death.

More updates on this are to come. :)


Could translate into:

Lockon is a pedophile :3



This entry is meant for you to speculate until further updates (see above).




I have neglected use of my eljay quite a lot. I apologize.

The truth is, I really miss my eljay! I want to be here a lot, I'm just not :/

*le sigh* Megan signing up for National Novel Writing Month made me remember to visit eljay today, though.

Sorry for spazzing out...

I've already failed in my goal with this livejournal...

But I absolutely adore this picture of the Zuko cosplayer I took at Animazement '08~! His cosplay was soooo amazing~!

So I married Zuko after that. :3

Oh Elbereth Gilthoniel~

This should be fun. And I'm going to lie. A lot.

Guess what?! I hate to read!

It's not that I don't like books or stories, I just hate the process of reading... (I've always wanted to be one of those people who would read all the time, but I just couldn't make myself!)..... It may have something to do with the fact that I quickly get headaches and get easily frustrated while reading, which may have something to do with the fact that my right eye sucks at life and the sight in it has been constantly getting worse since I was five years old~! XD Plus, I"m a pretty slow reader. I can read through dialogue with ease, because even when writing, dialogue is something that just flows with me for some reason. Details kill me though, in both reading and writing. I love details, but I just get frustrated figuring out what the author is saying... Anyway, enough ranting on that. I could go on for hours about why I do not read.

The Big Read thinks the average adult has only read six of the top 100 books
they've printed below. (Hey~! I admire anyone who has even read that many~ XD)

01. Look at the list and bold those you have read.
02. Italicise those you intend to read
03. Underline the books you LOVE.
04. Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these
people who've only read 6 and force books upon them.

also added
05. Add a number in parens (2) for the number of attempts you made on books
you just couldn't finish
06. Place a * next to the ones you hated
07. Place a C next to the ones you cheated on and read the Cliff Notes.

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Um, I have no idea why eljay decided to italicise everything inside my lj-cut, but whatever. YES! I want to read EVERYTHING! *fixes*

An interesting story about Hilary's childhood involving reading:

My sister learned how to read at a very early age. She got so frustrated that I didn't know how to and tried to teach me by reading this Sesame Street book over and over. Finally, I just took the book and "read" it to her.


It turned out, she had just read it so many times that I memorized it. I didn't really know how to read. XD

Helen's still amazing~ :3 plus something or nother bout Link...

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Listen, listen~! X3

Softly, softly, fingers seeking
Keys within a shifting sea
Somewhere they will never find me
A secret wrapped in ivory


Oh I wore so many masks
Before I learned to be me
And I showed so many frowns
Playing the fragile casualty
I watched them dancing from a distance
So sure I'd never be free
So fiercely protective of
some darker shade of me

Looking back I see that these
were stepping stones over the sea
Cos all the tears that stained my face
were doorways to a better place


Winter wakes from a dream cast in opaline
Where summer lies like a ghost in our memories
And our world, darker now, wears a humble grace
My winter, so quietly alive


Heaven hides here
In strangers' eyes
And in the warmth pressed between
Lovers' hands
In children's smiles
Down marriage aisles
And all the greatest words that
No one really knows how to say


Blue shadows on the sun

Why do all my dreams feel so
So worthless in these hands?
I only want to shine
Bright enough to be
Be remembered tomorrow

And I feel this
Broken heart cry out again for mercy
Here in all of this confusion
I wish that I could teach my soul
How to smile

The skies are slow today
Funny how my time slips away
Away and so empty now
It's easier to hide
My scars behind a veil of nothing
Deep inside


Hiding from those empty words

Running from the face behind her
She turned her back on who she was
Escaped into the freedom waiting
Into the night

She feels She dreams

And who will see what she feels
If she never shows it?
Who will she run to
When everything falls down?
When will she find the faith
To let herself become
Someone special in someone else's eyes?


Just a bit of Helen Trevillion's lovely lyrics~~ I'm sorta on a Helen rampage lately XD~! Her music (and Akeboshi's, but he's just perfect or something--I always want to hear his music) seems to be all I want to hear!

Anyway, I hope you guys listened and appreciated her music~ Helen is just amazing~ <3s

Awesomeful Link Mirror Shield -ness


Hello everyone~! How are you all doing?

I went and posted all kinds of icons from the movie Somewhere In Time over here~! :3


I think that Jane Seymour was very, very lovely :3

And I meant to post something yesterday, but I completely forgot...

I decided that if I were to travel through time and stalk someone (XD ^w^;), it would have to be Kyle Reese! XD But honestly, I have no clue of any real person that I'd travel through time to stalk... XP What do you guys think? Who would you travel through time to stalk and why? :3

Also, I was wondering what movie I should make icons of next...? I was thinking along the lines of these three:

Hope Floats
Superman Returns
Forever Young

Or if you think I should do a different movie than those, which should I do? My family has like five zillion movies. But curse the new movies, since my parents buy Blue Ray and my computer can't play them! TT^TT

The new eljay :3

I finally moved over here :3 I think I'm going to work to keep this journal cleaner than the last. :3

I'm going to try very hard not to post random little spazzy tidbits to spam your friend pages anymore XP
I will actually write about my life and my interests, everyday if I can. I'm thinking each day I will post up a piece of artwork of some sort (drawing, digital, oekaki, pixel, whatever) or a photograph or something if I don't write about my life and then focus on the topic of what I've posted up. :3

That way, I might actually make some sense. ;D Heartages teh eljay is officially ded. 3:


I will do my best!